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F.A.Q - Frequently asked questions

BMW ogilivy kwikfit Old Mutual Sanlam Woolworths

Q: Can I use my own design/picture on the mugs?

A: Yes you can supply your own image/wording on our mugs at no additional cost to you.


Q: Can I supply my own mug?

A: Unfortunately not. Because our mugs are specially coated, they allow our special sublimation ink to absorb onto the mug. Other mugs do not have this special coating so will not be able to imprint.

Another reason for having to use our own mugs is because it goes through a very high stringent heat process and ordinary mugs cannot withstand the heat temperature and will crack under severe heat pressures.


Q: How long will it take until I get the finished product?

A: This is all dependent on the quantity that you ordered. Bulk orders take longer. One mug

normally takes 24 hours (or sooner) to produce. We will contact you via email on the progress of your order. Alternatively you can contact or email us for a full progress report.


Q: What format must I send my designs in? Where can I send it to?

A: Please send your designs in JPEG format and they can be sent to:


Q: Do you offer a postage /delivery service?

A: Yes we do. You can either use your own courier company of choice or you can obtain a quote

from our reliable courier service – we use Time Freight. We can courier to any part of South Africa as well as overseas. We also use the post office and post net for alternative delivery solutions. There is an additional cost for packaging and postage. Please contact us for pricing.


Q: Can I see a visual sample before payment?

A: Yes most definitely. We will send you a visual sample via email upon request. We can produce a physical sample too. Please contact us for pricing.


Q: Will the print come off after washing?

A: Our mugs are not dishwasher safe. Dishwasher safe mugs are available if needed. These mugs will incur a different price compared to our ordinary mugs. Please wash your mugs normally as you would wash any other mug. Make sure you wash the image section gently with a soft cloth. Please do not use steel wool on our images/designs.